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Aeration for Home Brewing Beer


Aeration is the process of injecting oxygen into the wort while brewing beer, which is usually done after boiling when the wort has cooled down, however immediately after fermentation. This process quenches oxygen out of the wort solution which makes it difficult for the yeast to breed in its optimal amount hence leaving an incomplete fermentation process.

Hot side aeration refers to excess aeration of the wort, however there is a drawback to this process as oxidation while the wort is still burning hot can oxidize melanoidins present in the beer which gives a stale taste to your drink. Therefore, it is important that the wort cools down to room temperature before aeration. (Oxidation is the addition of oxygen, ie adding heat).

There are 3 primary methods for aerating wort:

  1. Splashing is a feasible method for aerating wort that adds some level of oxygen in the wort, however the addition of oxygen will not be as high as injection.
  2. Agitation is carried out by stirring vigorously with a spoon or whisking it with a whisk. This procedure adds comparatively more oxygen than splashing which must be carried out for a few minutes before adding yeast.
  3. Injection an aquarium pump with an internal sterile filter can help oxidize wort. Using a carbonation stone or aeration stone at the end of the filter will assist in spreading the air evenly. The filter must be clean and sterile as presence of germs will hamper the taste of your beer.

Apart from choosing from the above methods, one can opt for aquarium pump, carbonization stone and filter that will cost lesser than $25 and attain the best taste and fermenting process for home-brewed beer. Most importantly, one must use an appropriate sized yeast starter, without which there won’t be adequate level of yeast production with stale flavor.

Top 3 Best Kegerators For Parties

When hosting a party there is nothing quite like drinking draft beer on tap. The handy kegerator does just this. This portable mini fridge incorporates a drill, faucet, carbon dioxide tank and tap in order to deliver the perfect draft beer.

With so many different makes to choose from, we thought that we would do all of the hard work for you. So, here are what we consider to be the top 3 Best Kegerators For Parties.

edgestarkegerator1. Edgestar Mini Kegerator


  • 5 liter draft keg.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Cleaning kit included.
  • 38 -54 degrees F.

This mini kegerator has a ready indicator light that lets you know when beer has reached the ideal temperature, although you can set it to the temperature of your choice. Cleaning is made easy by the stainless steel drip tray that is removable as well as the detachable spout. The Edgestar mini only weighs 16 pounds, so it is incredibly portable and therefore ideal for parties and entertaining. With its very simple design (there is no digital display) this kegerator works perfectly well. At $199 it is fantastic value for money.

Krups Mini Kegerator2. KRUPS and Heineken B100


  • Keeps beer at 37.4 degrees F ( optimal temp).
  • Compact size, will sit on countertop.
  • 5 liter draft keg.
  • LED temp indicator.

Although this kegerator is used primarily for Newcastle beers and Heineken, you can buy a cheap conversion kit that will allow you to use other beers. This kegerator is quiet and as it is run by a Peltier cooling system, the beer is constantly chilled so that it keeps at the perfect temperature. Extremely compact and lightweight, you can easily use it at an outdoor party site where there is an electricity supply when away from home. It is also easily cleaned with many removable parts.

At $132 this kegerator is on the cheap side but well worth the money.

Avanti Mini Kegerator3. Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser


  • 5 liter keg.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Works on compressor cooling.
  • Can hold up to 2 kegs.

The Avanti does pretty much the same as the previous two kegerators, but the difference here is that it can hold up to 2 kegs. This therefore means that if you are holding a party for many people then you will get a lot more beer cooled with this machine. It is quiet to run and again keeps beer at the desired optimal temperature. It is priced a little higher at $283, but this is due to the fact that it can store two 5 liter kegs.

Hopefully our 3 choices have been helpful to you. Good luck in choosing your kegerator and have a great party!

Methods for Storing Wine

Wine StorageIn order to enjoy the actual taste of a wine, one must know how to store it properly that will help to conserve its taste. Prolong contact with external air will eventually diminish its quality and may perhaps turn it inedible. There are a few things every wine lover must keep in their mind to store their wine in the most appropriate place in their houses.

Firstly, any wine enthusiast who wishes to taste the real taste of wine at the end of the day must own a wine cooler which will cost above $1000 maximum. There are wine coolers of various shapes and functions available in stores and depending on one’s needs can purchase a decent wine cooler to keep his/her wine cold at the perfect serving temperature.

Secondly, not all wines are meant for aging before consumption. Some wines are supposed to be consumed within a few months for enjoying the best taste. Even though majority of the wines available are meant for consumption after storing them for prolong years. However this rule does not apply for all sorts of wines.

Thirdly, it is advised by all wine enthusiasts and specialists that the bottle must be stored on its side which allows the cork to stay moist as the liquid comes in contact with it. There are wine storage racks available in every store at affordable prices that can be set in your kitchen that adds value to your taste and class.

Fourth, wine bottles must be stored within a cool place not cold, which has a temperature of 45-65 Fahrenheit, moderately humid and reasonably dark. Temperature above 65 Fahrenheit causes the wine to cook hence disrupting its taste and longevity. Temperature below 45 Fahrenheit dries the cork causing air to flow inside the bottle. High humidity triggers molding and sunlight causes the wine to age faster.

Finally, by following the above rules one can store his/her wine as long as a year or two and still enjoy its true taste. However, oenophiles must invest in proper storage system as well for enjoying the true taste of a wine.